Valentines Day For Your Computer

Show your home computer a little love today!

This often scorned mechanical device serves as your avatar in the business world, your postman, your billboard, your communicator, and most importantly your literal cash register!

Five way to show a little love:

1. Do you have anti-virus software installed? Is it up to date? Have you run scans lately? My favorite? Norton 360, it even backs up your files for you. You don’t want to learn this the hard way, especially if your computer crashes or gets hit with a trojan.  I like the programs that do it for you automatically because you don’t have to think about doing it. And it backs up everything on your computer on a regular basis. Nice!

2. Is your computer and its peripherals properly placed? For instance, if you use your printer often, move it and keep it near your computer/work area. Do you have a CPU? Put it underneath the table/desk.

3. Is your computer desktop cluttered with assorted documents, pictures and files? Time to clean it up! Make new folders and sort that eye junk. You’ll save a lot of time and be more efficient.

4. Take a look at your keyboard. I bet it slightly dirty! Clean those keys! Turn the keyboard upside down and knock out the crumbs from the coffee cake you had last year.

5. Finally, check out this site for some cool shortcut for Google, webpages and your PC.

Show your computer a little love today, and it will love you back!

Rina Valan