Vaginal Shape

Dear Dr. Melanie,

I had sex with my boyfriend twice within a half hour and he told me my vagina was as tight as the first time. Does the vagina always “reshape” itself back to original immediately shape after sex?
Signed, Like New


Dear Like New,

The vagina is a canal created by muscles that stretch to accommodate a penis, toy, fingers, or whatever else is invited in. Afterwards, it regains its normal state, which is at rest, with the walls of the vagina touching. With age, the muscles can weaken, so women are often advised by their physicians to do Kegel exercises to tone the muscles. These exercises are typically recommended after childbirth, too. Well-toned pelvic floor muscles can increase a woman’s sexual pleasure, control urine leakage, and help support her lower back, abdomen, and organs. There have been reported connections between male pelvic floor tone and the ability to have multiple orgasms.