UTI Help

Dear Dr. Melanie,

Will over-the-counter products cure UTI’s? –Tired of Cranberry Juice


Dear Tired,

If you think you have a urinary tract infection, your best bet is to visit your healthcare provider for a urine test. It’s easy – you pee into a clean up, and the nurse will dip a test stick into it. The strip will turn colors depending on the diagnosis. Your provider will then be able to tell whether it’s a UTI or cystitis, which is more of an irritation. You’ll get antibiotics for the UTI, and you’ll be told to drink lots of water for mild cystitis. Your provider may also test you for a bladder infection or a sexually transmitted infection, depending on your symptoms.

An over-the-counter product may work, but your first step should be to get a proper diagnosis and ask your provider about your treatment options.