Turning Strangers into Prospects

The Secret? 
Develop a rapport FIRST.

How do you develop a rapport first?
Start with talking less than 7 seconds, and then ask a question about them.

Most people just talk too much at the beginning of any conversation.
You shouldn’t share for more than 7 seconds!
That 7 seconds is just enough for you to give them some clarifying information like your name, company, purpose.

Now after your 7 seconds of clarifying information, ask them a ‘connection’ question.
It could be something about the town they live in, an attraction nearby you have visited, how you a friend of yours has the same last name…or that you drove through their town once! By seeking connection first, asking questions, it forces you to start focusing on them and their needs. They are giving you information!

Key: if you can get them to say ‘yes’ at least 3 times during the rapport building session, they you can get them to say ‘yes’ later. This whole techniques works no matter if you’re waiting on line in the supermarket, if you’re talking to a customer at a home party, while you’re taking their order at a party, a potential new recruit, someone in your down line, or anyone you are doing business with or want to do business with.

Critical: if you want them to call or write you back, you MUST develop the rapport!

Here’s the RECAP:
1. You develop relationship first by establishing rapport
2. Talk less than 7 seconds.
3. Ask a connecting question.
4. Get them to say ‘yes’ several times.
5. You are now focused on them, their needs, so NOW share benefits of your service/product and ‘what’s in it for them!’

Rina Valan 

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