Top 3 on The Best and Worst List

Top 3 Things You Should Do All the Time:

1. Be known as a leader by positive words, actions and thoughts. You are absolutely irresistible, you will attract people business in droves.

2. Build your business in waves: fast and furious, a small break, then fast and furious, small break, fast and furious, etc.

3. Learn everything you can about your product and service. Read self motivational articles and books, explore new sales techniques, try new social media outlets, follow your favorite sales guru’s blog.

Top 3 Things You Should Never Do:

1. Never share everything. 
Something you don’t like, keep to yourself.

2. Avoid negative talk, especially complaining to your down-line or about your up-line. 
Critical: keep it out of your social media circles. The written word never goes away.

3. Never wait for business to come back. It’s moving forward: are you?

Rina Valan