Timing is Everything

You’re sitting in your car, at a red light, and then it turns green.

You hesitate for 7 little seconds.

Beep, Beeeeeep!

A whole 7 seconds! And people have the nerve to beep! Are they incredibly impatient or what!

Timing is everything, especially in our home party plan business. It’s not enough that you go or do, now you have to go, or do it fast enough!!!

Why? Prospective customers who don’t get immediate follow up/attention lose more than their patience. They just move on to someone else, or worse—another company. And your current customer who doesn’t get immediate follow up/attention lose their trust in you.

So: as soon as you get party interest or lead of any kind, respond immediately to let them know you got their message/request/inquiry, no matter what time of the day or day it is. This could be a simple as a text message, quick email, or quick phone call that says: “Hi, got your inquiry, and excited to connect with you.  Will call//write/whatever later”

Because: once they get acknowledgment, they stop looking and start looking to hear back from YOU.

P.S. Immediate acknowledge is critical with anyone in your down-line, new recruits, prospective new recruits, your hostesses, prospective hostesses, referrals…everyone.