Time to Make the Donuts

If you’re not as busy as you want or need to be, it’s time to stop the excuses you’re telling yourself: 
-no one is interested
-no one has money
-economy is bad
-I live in a bad area
-it’s too close to the holiday.

Excuses don’t get you business, it only delays you from actually taking an action or taking the right kind of actions. 

Excuses justify the feeling and thinking it’s not your fault.
You are victimizing yourself.

Let’s face it. You own the shop.
And someone has to get up and make the donuts.

Fire the lame employees disguised as excuses.
Get up and keep taking an action until you pump one out.

That will motivate you. 

Pretty soon you’ll have at least a dozen donuts.

Rina Valan