The Skinny on Squirting

Dear Dr. Melanie,

I’ve heard a couple of women talk about “squirting”. They say it’s a different way to have an orgasm, like having many at one time. I am not familiar with this term and wondered if you could explain this to me. Thanks, Squirtless


Dear Squirtless,

They are referring to female ejaculation and G spot orgasm. Some women enjoy deep stimulation of tissue between the vagina and urethra. The sexology and medical communities are still debating whether this is a set of paraurethral glands that fill with prostatic-like fluid (like male semen, without sperm) or whether what’s being stimulated is really the clitoral crura. The parts of the clitoris that are usually visible are the hood, the glans (the tip) and the shaft. The rest of the clitoris is internal and extends downward, like a wishbone of erectile tissue that hugs the vagina.

Setting aside the debate, there is no question that using fingers or a curved toy to stimulate this location can lead to orgasm for some women. Rear-entry intercourse can also be a way to reach the area. However, not all women enjoy this targeted stimulation, which can create a sensation or urinary urgency for a short time. During a G spot orgasm, some women release (squirt) up to a cup of fluid, while others may release only a few drops, too little to notice. The fluid is expelled from the urethral but is not urine from the bladdar; rather, it is released (in a process called transudation) through the tissue wall into the urethra.

Orgasm shouldn’t be a contest between which kind of orgasm is better than another. Long ago, sexologists debunked Dr. Sigmund Freud’s argument that the only mature female orgasm occurred during penile-vaginal intercourse. Women are lucky enough to be able to experience orgasm from many types of stimulation. Have fun exploring them all!