The Rule of Three

There’s a rule in our home party business that works no matter if you are speaking to one, a group, or a huge crowd. 
It’s actually called The Rule of Three:

   1) Tell them what you are going to say
   2) Tell them
   3) Then, tell them what you just told them

This rule is absolutely essential when you sell at  home parties.

For example:
   “Hi, my name is Mary and I’m going to tell you how about how the party is going to go tonight.
I’m going to pass everything around, starting over here,  ending over there, please taste, touch, smell.
We’re going to have a blast, so I’ll start here, pass everything around, please touch, smell, feel, and pass them all around to over there.”

Try it when you give your brief pitch to guests at a party to book a party.
For example:

    “I’d like to tell you a little bit about booking your own show. It’s easy, fun, most of my hostesses get an average of xyz shopping credits and you hostess gets an extra xyz bonus. You would have so much fun having your own, because you could get at least xyz shopping credits and your hostess tonight would get an extra xyz bonus.”

But this rule of three also works when you are trying to make something stick in a person’s mind, like training a new recruit, coaching a team member, writing an ad, note, or email.

Get it?
Got it?
Good ; )

Rina Valan