The Power of Yay

Ever have a tough day?
You know what turned mine around today?
I just got an email and the subject line was simply: Yay! 

I couldn’t wait to open it,  a note from a Fantasia Romance Consultant. She was excited that both her personal and team numbers were up from last month.

You know, that Yay makes my day! She is happy and proud and her sharing that with me makes me feel happy! I didn’t realize there was such power in the sharing of Yay!

Nothing I love more than when I can give someone a ‘Yay’ for effort, for encouragement, or simply gratitude for their friendship and/or service. Personally, it feels better than having accomplished it myself.

I hope you are inspired to give Yays every day. People don’t forget those who make them feel good, and a sincere Yay will put you back into a positive mood PLUS make their day!

Give your prospects, prospective customers, hostesses, all your team members a Yay today and everyday!

Be the cheerleader, the optimist, the bearer of good wishes,
the storyteller,
the enthusiast,
the coach,
the motivator,
the smile,
the support, the bearer of good will,
be the wind beneath someone’s wings! 
Be the Yay!

Rina Valan

P.S. Read the bio on Norman Vincent Peale, the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking.”
I think he had it right.