The Perfect Link Never Sinks

Many of you are on Facebook, and other social sites and are taking advantage of being able to broadcast your business. Personally, I take great pride whenever I see any of your business posts, especially when they are creative and informative, and are catchy enough to spark potential interest.

However, what you may not know is that you are not posting ‘perfect links’ back to your website or web page. What does a ‘perfect link’ mean? It means you want to make sure that when they click, it goes right to the website. You don’t want the reader to have to ‘cut and paste’ the website address, because they won’t!

How to Make it a ‘Perfect’ Link:

You must type in the entire address, for instance: 
Don’t just type “”

It becomes a ‘perfect link’ when with the entire address (i.e.
Your computer or your smart phone (like an iPhone, Blackberry, etc) will then automatically make it a ‘link’ for you.

TIP to make it easier and faster, instead of typing the whole address:
—in a separate browser window, go to the web address you want to link to
—highlight the entire address in the browser, then ‘copy’ it.
—then you ‘paste’ it into whatever you were typing, that way, you are sure that it is typed correctly as a perfect link.

Note: most email programs now turn your typing into perfect links if you type (or paste) in the entire web address. This is especially important when you are creating great viral signatures for your email.

Make sure your link are ‘perfect’ in
*your emails
*social site postings (like on Facebook, Twitter, etc)
*any profile information on Facebook, you Facebook fan page,  or other social sites
*your comments to posts/Facebook walls, on blogs, blogging, and anywhere you want the reader to visit the website or the web page you just typed in.

Is the website address way too long?
Shorten the website address (URL) by going to:
Once there, just type or paste in the web address, and it will give you a shortened version. It’s free!


We went to and typed in the Fantasia Home Parties website URL.
Here is the tiny URL (or shortened version)
If you click on it, it would bring you right to the Fantasia website.

Happy linking! Get your website out there!

Rina Valan