The Perfect Giveaway

I’ve seen a lot of home party sales people go nuts trying to think of a good giveaway…

Maybe it’s a cute novelty or toy, magnets, stickers, office or kitchen gadgets.
And of course with cost always a consideration, you look for a great giveaway AND something that doesn’t cost you a lot to give it away.

There really is a perfect giveaway, and it doesn’t matter what business or company you’re with: Your catalog!

That’s right, your catalog with your name and contact information on it is the BEST giveaway ever, hands down! Especially when budget is a consideration, you catalogs is first on the list, never skimp or ‘save’ by not giving them away freely and as often as possible.
Key:Make sure every guest at your parties gets one, and that you always have one on hand at any moment!

The orange peeler? I got a dozen in my junk kitchen drawer.

Rina Valan