The Number One Mistake Sales People Make

Do you  know what the number one biggest mistake practically every party plan sales person makes? They try to sell.

When I started Fantasia Home Parties back in 1984,  I was our only trainer for newly hired sales representatives. The first thing I would tell them is: “I hate selling!”  Everyone would laugh and not believe me because I was our number one sales person for the longest time!
My secret? I love our products, and I love to help people get what they need and what they want, and I really love to make people happy.  If you can feel that way about what you do or sell, you will never struggle for another sale ever again.

Us in the party plan business are not really sales people. We’re mentors and teachers, and if we’re doing this correctly, we are spending much of our time building relationships, not trying to get people to take our best deals.

Another thing: people can feel the difference when you’re talking to them about things you personally use/like and can recommend, or when you’re just trying to sell them something. If you don’t love what you’re selling, move on.

Think of this…
People like to buy. They don’t like to be sold.

And besides, who likes that icky feeling you get when you try to sell.  It just doesn’t sit well, so stop it! This is especially important when you go out and try to get bookings. Sell your service, be excited about your products, let your genuine enthusiasm for them come through. Furthermore, educate them on how much they can learn about having fun, products, what their friends like, educate them that you have a REAL service they can’t wait to experience!

If you love your products, sell your service, and build the relationships, then hey, baby!  You will be successful and crazy happy, too

Rina Valan