The Magic Phrase

It’s hard to do business with someone that isn’t really talkative. They don’t really tell you what they want or need. They never voice a specific concern. 
So, you just assume they’re not interested. 
You don’t want to ‘push.’

Guess what? You need the magic phrase to draw out what they may not be telling you!

Drum roll please!
And the magic phrase is…. “Tell me about.. ”

For instance:
   “Tell me about what you’re thinking.”
   “Tell me about the friends invited to your romance party
   “Tell me about what you think about our program.”
   “Tell me about what you’re looking for.”
   “Tell me about what is holding you back.”
It’s the perfect way to get to the unspoken issue or objection.
You draw it out in a non-threatening manner.

And once they start talking about it, you can:
-identify it
-validate it
-then address it
-and continue on to make the sale, book the party, or get them on board!

It works.
Rina Valan