The Last Call Before Your Show

Ever wonder what is said between football players and their coach in the locker room right before they run out into the field to play a game?

You can bet there’s first a roll call, then a lot of review, who’s doing what, and how the coach expects the game to go.

And at the end, that coach gives some last words of encouragement and barks “Now, get out there and just do it!”

Well, you know that last phone call you make 24-48 hours before your home party is very much like that locker room talk from the coach to the team. Here’s your golden chance to pump up your hostess while reminding her to call her guests and reconfirm with them. This is the time to regenerate the party excitement and get her enthusiastic so she spreads that enthusiasm to her guests. A party, that is attended by many enthusiastic guests is the key to winning the game!

Legends have been created from pre-game pep talks many a coach gives his to his team. You have the power to do the same. Make sure you make that call and do the critical “locker room talk” before your party, and pump up that hostess! Remember…she’s the key to winning the game!

Rina Valan