The Guy with the Fake Vomit

Last week, I was at an astronomy show with a friend. We stopped at a booth that did private exotic travel charters all over the world.
A typical Mayan or Tahitian charter cost about $8,000 per person.

Now, it’s safe to assume that $8,000 charters are not a mass market item, right?

To my surprise, my friend walked up to the woman tending the booth and said: “Hey, you remember me? I’m the fellow on the Mayan adventure that took out the fake vomit and put it on our luggage pile so no one would pick it up by accident at the airport!”

She immediately turned to her associate and said “Hey, Bill, here’s that guy I told you about with the fake vomit. What a hoot! Ain’t it great? He’s here!” She gave him a quick hello, and then walked away.

I was surprised to know my friend had dropped $16,000 in the past to go on one of the adventures, but even more surprising? She let him walk away without saying “So, when are you booking your next adventure?”

We walked away, and onto the next booth.

Inside scoop: the guy with the fake vomit wanted to be noticed, and wanted an excuse to buy.
Such an incredible missed opportunity. He didn’t even have to be “qualified.”

Make sure you never let your previous happy customers walk away without giving them an excuse to buy from you again. 

Rina Valan