The Coach Says 15 Mins Hold the Gatorade

Do you know what the most important aspect of the party plan business is?

Hostess Coaching

This is so critical and basic to our business: you can be the best salesperson in the world, but that is no use if you do not have anyone attending your parties. This is so basic, yet how many times do you let this part of your business slide and take things for granted?

We’re talking a total investment of 15 minutes before you actually go and do a party that is the literal key “make it or break it” factor of your business. And those 15 minutes are actually broken up into a series of 3 or 4 phone calls of about 5 minutes a piece.

So, why are some so lax about this? Perhaps it’s a fear of being too “pushy” or that you don’t want to “waste” the hostesses time? Fact of the matter: if you DON’T invest the necessary time before hand to coach your hostess, you are indeed WASTING her time!

Some things you may overlook:
Tell her what to expect to get in gifts, credits, incentives, etc. Take a moment to explain, help set some expectations like “If you have 10 people at your party, the sales usually average out to about $800, and you will get blank credit and blank incentive.”

Tell her what to to tell her friends: punctuality is important, something interesting about your presentation, they get to see, taste, touch, order taking routine (privacy, etc) and most of all, they are going to have FUN! Don’t assume that just because your hostess has been to one of your previous parties, that she automatically knows what to tell her guests. NOT! It is your job to coach her in the right direction so she has a great party and gets the rewards she deserves.

Ask her to over invite, and with each follow up call, ask how many she has confirmed to date. No matter how many she may say, never say “OK.” Always respond with: “That a great start!” You never want a hostess to stop inviting guests.

Convey the attitude: This is my business, I’m really excited about the products I sell and have a lot of information to share with your guests. I’m a success and if you jump on my bandwagon you will be to whether you’re a customer, a hostess or a new sales representative.

Now, here’s what you don’t want:
—Don’t be a beggar! No one wants to book from a losing team, they actually start to back away from you. “I really need a party, will you please  have one for me so I can keep going just a little bit. I need the money and maybe you’ll get some products if enough people come. I can do a show for you anytime in the next year.”
—Never minimize what you are or do. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will. “I’m just a poor little representative trying to make this thing work, my calendar is empty, I’m free, name a date, any date—no one else is doing anything so you can choose.”

Bottom line: most hostesses don’t know how to be a hostess, it’s your job to teach them, and that is what hostess coaching is.