The Challenge Today Should You Choose to Accept It!

Take a look at this weekend—do you have any home parties booked? If you don’t, why not challenge yourself and make it a mission to book one by end of this day. Some things are best done last minute, don’t feed the the excuse that it’s too late. You could even have your own party, especially if you haven’t had one in a while! Any how, take the challenge and at worst, you’ll wind up with bookings for sometime in the next 2 months.

Start the process over again tomorrow until your mission is accomplished—stay on the mission! You are the benefactor of the mission, can there be any more worthy cause?

“I can’t…. ”  or “I usually….” or “They never ….” or “I never ….”
I can hear your brain all the way on the other side of this screen.

Listen to what you are saying to yourself. Careful here…whatever you think or say to yourself, your perfect beautiful brain listens, and obeys. Say instead “It’s never too late. I know I can do it.”

Take the challenge.
Let me know how you do—post a comment here and share if your challenge worked for you.