The Best Orgasm is the One You Wait For!

The number one complaint I hear from from women? 
Their partners come to orgasm too quickly. 
What we are really trying to say is that we want our own to be more prolonged and fulfilling! After all, if our partner wants to orgasm quickly, no problem! WE just want to have fun, too!
Orgasms resulting from a slow build-up or arousal are more powerful than the ones that rush to the finish line. What so often happens with us is that we’re so wrapped up in trying to ‘get there’ and/or get to the same level as our partner that we often lose out on the build up.
So, how can we ‘get there?’

Years ago a Tantra changed my whole perspective and physical behavior on the subject. It said that most people unconsciously tense their genital area when being stimulated to or trying to orgasm. The tantra tells us to do the opposite: to consciously not tense the genital area during stimulation. By consciously not tensing, the pleasure builds and actually radiates past the genital area and spreads throughout your whole body. 
The first time you try it, you will find it very difficult to stop tensing your lower body-it is such an automatic response. While slowing things down a bit, focus solely on relaxing all muscles and ‘allow’ the feelings and pleasure to grow, or perhaps the word is glow. It feels very different, and in a really good way. You will also most likely have to lighten the touch or pressure, as the nerve endings on the clitoris or penis in relaxed state are much more sensitive to touch or friction. Soon, the physical excitement seems to go deeper, and the pleasure radius growing larger and wider. Eventually your entire body will feel experience the sensation that in the past was focused solely in your genital area. You may feel a ‘whole body orgasm’ for the first time in your life.

Now, I’m sure some of you are already saying to yourself “This doesn’t sound like a big deal.” 
Take my word, it is.
Try this little secret technique the next time you are alone, perhaps experimenting with a new sex toy. Remember not to rush, and stop every minute or so and check your body tension. When you are with your partner, take turns while the other acts as a coach through the technique (best done as sweet whispers in their ear.) You will find it be a truly amazing and bonding experience—cherish every glowing second!

Miss Sensuale
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Rina Valan, Basic Author


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