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5 Quick Tips For Recruting & Getting More Bookings

1.  Don’t chase, attract instead!If you are upbeat, enthusiastic, and excited, you will attract people as potential customers and potential recruits! Get re-excited about your products, your service, about the fun you provide others! It’s all about with what you project! 2.  Do not overlook or prejudge people, Different people possess different qualities and talents. Look for qualities like ‘liking people, love of your products or service. Most can develop the other business qualities they need to succeed, if they are willing to learn. 3.  Talk about what you do to...

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Top 10 Tips To A Successful Party Demo

One of the most dynamic sales reps in our party plan industry, Leah Karnatski, shared her personal list of suggestions for holding a great party. She addresses some practical issues about party presentations, plus some down home good advice! Leah’s Top 10 Successful Home Party Suggestions: 1.  Rotate your games to keep things fresh and guests coming back for more. Note: I rotate a series 4-5 games that work for just about any crowd. I ‘road test’ new games with repeat hostesses because some require practice to make it work for the group. I don’t over do it, as I...

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3 Tips to Avoid Insanity When You Work From Home

There are so many benefits from working from home, and yes, you can make do with a lot less than our corporate counterparts. That doesn’t make us direct sales/home party people any less successful—did you know the computer giant Dell founder, Michael Dell worked out of his garage to build his empire? And that Tastefully Simple founder Jill Blashack Strahan assembled gift baskets on the pool table of her backyard shed? BUT, there are some things that you should have, not just because they will add greatly to your bottom line, but because it will keep you SANE! 1. A Separate,...

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