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Still waiting for that call or email?

Are you still ‘waiting’ for someone to call or write you back? Part of growing your home party business is making sure you have a way of retrieving all those seeds from the business cards, catalogs, flyers, emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts you planted.  That means going back and rekindling the connection every single day.  It means a drop here and there to keep your relationship going.  It does NOT mean that you hawk your goods or try to get a party booked every time.  Or ‘waiting’ until they call you or email you back. It doesn’t work that way...

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5 Essential Tips That Will Build You a Downline

Want to recruit someone into your home parties business? It’s a great way to increase your income when you build a down line! Building a down line doesn’t happen overnight, but is well worth your effort. It’s an investment in your business future- both in overrides and in more people being attracted to your business in general. 5 Essential Tips: 1.  Talk about what you do to everyone, but don’t try to recruit everyone.There is a difference. But do not overlook anyone either. You want to look for people who are outgoing, ambitious, fun-loving.  Give everyone you ...

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The Science of Teamwork

Team work, such a thing of beauty,  especially in our home party business when you build a down line. How do you get them to click? And how can you get your team to buzz with ideas and business?Some great pointers in this article from the Harvard Business Review: My personal advice?Help them reveal their talent and cheer lead them along the way. —Rina...

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