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The Number One Mistake Home Party Consultants Make

  Guess what the number one mistake home party consultants make? They try to sell. When I started Fantasia Home Parties back in 1984,  I trained all our newly hired sales representatives. And the first thing I would tell them is: “I hate selling!” No one believed me, and they laughed because I was the number one sales person for the longest time! My secret? I love to help people get what they need and what they want, and I really love to make people happy.  And I love our products! If you can feel that way about what you do or sell, let it come through and through. Pretty...

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Time to Make the Donuts

It’s the busy season. Are you? Or are you feeding yourself these excuses?   -No one is interested   -No one has money   -The economy is bad   -I live in a bad area   -I don’t want to be pushy. Excuses don’t get you business. Excuses only delay you from actually taking an action or taking the right kind of actions.Excuses justify the feeling and thinking it’s not your fault.Excuses victimize yourself. Let’s face it: you own the shop.And someone has to get up and make the donuts.    1. Fire the lame employees disguised as excuses.   2. Get up and...

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