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The Science of Teamwork

Team work, such a thing of beauty,  especially in our home party business when you build a down line. How do you get them to click? And how can you get your team to buzz with ideas and business?Some great pointers in this article from the Harvard Business Review: My personal advice?Help them reveal their talent and cheer lead them along the way. —Rina...

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Planting for Diamonds and Pearls

Michele White plants Diamonds and Pearls! “I’m not planting seeds. I’m planting a crop!” —Rina...

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Who’s Peeing on Your Hydrant?

Ever have someone excited about booking a party with you, and then all of a sudden they weren’t? Or, how about that new prospect, all ready and raring to go, and then poof? Most home party consultants make the assumption that they are just not interested anymore. Perhaps. More likely?They got a dog peeing on their hydrant! Yes, those peeing dogs are the critics, cynics, non-supportive family members, friends, dream-stealers and general nay sayers, and yes, you even have them in YOUR life. As a sales person you should learn that peeing dogs are also known as a sales...

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