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The New Wave of Home Party Marketing: Connection

  Connection:   the shared emotional feeling of attachment to someone, because of a subject, thing, event, place, smell, sound, thought, experience… If you can truly ‘connect’ with your prospects, they will turn into and become your customers forever. All human beings are naturally drawn to a familiar, especially in unfamiliar situations. The biggest key to have someone COMPELLED to do business with you, is a feeling of connection. Key: start every conversation, every voice mail, and especially emails with a sentence or phrase to seek or validate something that connects...

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The Number One Mistake Home Party Consultants Make

  Guess what the number one mistake home party consultants make? They try to sell. When I started Fantasia Home Parties back in 1984,  I trained all our newly hired sales representatives. And the first thing I would tell them is: “I hate selling!” No one believed me, and they laughed because I was the number one sales person for the longest time! My secret? I love to help people get what they need and what they want, and I really love to make people happy.  And I love our products! If you can feel that way about what you do or sell, let it come through and through. Pretty...

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