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The Number One Mistake Home Party Consultants Make

  Guess what the number one mistake home party consultants make? They try to sell. When I started Fantasia Home Parties back in 1984,  I trained all our newly hired sales representatives. And the first thing I would tell them is: “I hate selling!” No one believed me, and they laughed because I was the number one sales person for the longest time! My secret? I love to help people get what they need and what they want, and I really love to make people happy.  And I love our products! If you can feel that way about what you do or sell, let it come through and through. Pretty...

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Throw in a Couple Extra Shrimp

My Dad had a fish store when I was a teenager, in Union City, NJ. He had steady customers that would come from other states around the holidays just to buy his fish. Sometimes they waited an hour before he waited on them, but it didn’t matter to them. They knew he got up every day at 3:00AM just to go to the Fulton Fish Market in New York  to get first pickings on the best and freshest, and know that he would settle for nothing less. He was one of the hardest working men I ever knew. He was also really smart. His scales were on the counter in full sight. Every time someone ordered a...

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3 Ways to Swim Out to Your Ship

Is your home party business stalling? Is your calendar looking a little light?  Hey there! You can’t afford to wait for your ship to come in! Swim out to it! 1. Call 5 of your last party cancellations and give them a good reason why now is a good time to reschedule. Get them to pencil in a new date, now.2. Schedule your own romance party, or open house show,  ladies night or party barbeque for this weekend, or the very first weekend you can manage. 3. Write a personal short story about a product you love, or a new product, and email it to15 of your customers or past hostesses....

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