Street Fairs and the Fudge Table

I stopped at a local street fair this weekend, and walked past a table selling homemade fudge. Well actually I TRIED to walk past a table selling homemade fudge…

They had someone out front pushing teeny samples under your nose and saying: “Oh, but you have to try ours! It’s the best!”

Geez. That business practice should be illegal. Oh, they know. They know that most of us will buy once they have that edible, incredibly delectable morsel in their mouth.

Now, from a sales person’s point of view, I want you to think about this:
-No one I know actually NEEDS to buy fudge,and
-No one I know thinks they have EXTRA MONEY for fudge.
-But, they buy it because they tried a little, little bit of it!

Brilliant! It’s genius prospecting/lead generation, and really cheap. Works for me!

So, why don’t you do the same thing? 
This is the time of year for street fairs, county fairs, flea markets, bazaars, auctions, mini consumer shows (bridal, art,  etc). Many of these have very nomimal fees for a table display. Search your local newspapers and local community/news websites for upcoming events. You may even want to expand your area a little and go do one in another county!

Now, get out there and get your ‘fudge’ into a new prospects’ hands!