Speed Does Not Kill

If you let a hot lead go for more than 24 hours, your chances of catching them at the height of their emotion goes down considerably. It’s like mining with a pick axe. But the problem nowadays is even worse: they are likely to move on to another person or company because you weren’t fast enough, or called enough, or called at the right time. Welcome to our instant gratification society!

Now, this is truly an issue of balance because I’m sure you don’t want to come off as a pest or pushy. BUT—if they initiated the request, matching that urgency is absolutely critical in this day and age. When a prospective hostess, customer or prospect asks for contact, you want to be the first to get your foot in the door. You want to do this before someone else gets theirs in first and then the door closes altogether.

Tip: Always act on a hot lead right away with a quick phone call, and speak/leave a message with a sense of urgency. Then send a quick email with that same urgent message. Call again later in the day or first thing next morning. Try it again the following day, different times, not necessarily leaving a message. Try a brief text message in between if you have a cell.

Why: In the age of Google and social media, many people just go down the list and make many inquiries. Many times they are not even sure of whom from what company calls back. You want to be the first one one in, the first that makes a connection and stops them from looking any further.

Bottom line: initiate contact immediately and put your max effort into connecting within the first 24 hours. It works!

Rina Valan