Social Marketing Dos & Don’ts

Here’s a question for you:
On an social site you belong to like Facebook or MySpace,  have you noticed that one person who you perceive to have a snarly personality, though you have never met or talked directly?

And before you go ahead and say you don’t do any social stuff, marketing or business online, just remember: any time you write anything on the computer, it “markets” you, whether you think so or not.

If you are in the home party plan business, direct selling, sales, or frankly anything else other than being a hermit, you may want to brush up on what you’re projecting to the world.

Some quick tips:

*Your a picture paints a thousand preconceptions. Which one would you prefer others instantly associate with you? If you want to be taken seriously as a business professional, it starts with your photo.

*Don’t share posts/tweets that are whiny, make you seem bored or a frivolous. After a couple times, you will be associated as a whiny, bored and frivolous person. That’s a real business killer.

*WTF??? I wince every time a four letter word or profanity is typed is typed publicly in the social arena. Don’t.

*Don’t forget your manners. Use the same rules as you would in the workplace. Don’t make overly suggestive or inappropriate remarks.

*Do make frequent comments to other posts. Show interest by asking questions, or offering encouragement and/or congratulations. This is a biggie! The way to get interest in yourself and your business is to take interest in others first!

See you, professionally and positively, online!