So What is Premature Ejaculation Anyhow?

Thirty years ago I defined premature ejaculation as my mate’s struggle to get past 3 or 4 strokes during intercourse! 

But nowadays, with a step up in discussion between lovers, plus the wide array of information sources, the topic isn’t so hush-hush anymore. 

I think where the ‘real’ problem with what any one person defines as ‘premature ejaculation’ lies in the assumption that ‘its over’ 
You know—the sex stops, no more action, partner lays there in wonder because “I can’t ‘perform’ anymore”. And there is where the key to exactly what defines premature ejaculation…

It isn’t about how ‘long’ you can stroke during intercourse without ejaculating…
It’s really about how educated you are about sex/lovemaking in general to know that the whole sex act does not revolve around the penis!
Hey–it’s nice if that body part decides to participate and perks to attention! But as a woman, I can honestly say that without all the other good stuff your partner does with their hands, fingers, mouth, body, voice, words, breath, smell, it isn’t very good, very fulfilling, or very much fun at all!
It ain’t over until you say so. Think about that!
Until then, focus on your partner’s and your own sensuous senses,
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