So, Tell Me About Yourself

In a social situation, at a party, waiting in line at the grocery store, in the lunch room, or in the ladies room, when someone asks, “So, tell me about yourself (or business)”, how do you respond?

You know, it’s a really good idea to think about your answer to this question in advance. Because if you babble, or falter, or give them a canned pitch, they will tune you out. If you can answer that question in an interesting and attention getting matter, they continue to spend time with you!

Some tips to help:

1.Think of one thing they may want to hear.
In social situations, maybe something about what you do during the day and about where you live. “I work in a law office during the day, just moved here from the city and I really love it!”

2. Add one thing that you’re really proud of and different from #1.
“I’m really great at making people laugh and helping them have fun. I do parties.” Keep it short don’t over embellish.

3. Lastly,  one personal trait or thing that shows you’re down-to-earth, maybe unique or even a tad quarky.
This is best as positive statements, i.e. not things like “I hate rap music or hate Democrats or Republicans.” You could say, “I’m nuts about fishing so you’ll always find me in the oddest bait or tackle shop.”

Generally, if you’re at work or with friends/socializing, it’s important to be short! Three sentences is plenty!

So, think out what you will say the next time someone asks you “Tell me about you.” Rehearse the answers in your head. Be interesting and others will take interest in YOU!