Smart Questions Never Give Dumb Answers

Ever ask yourself the question:
 “Why does this always happen to me?”
And I’ll bet the answer you get every time will sound more like a whine than a real solution.
What if you asked yourself this question instead
“How can I have a great day today?”
Which is going to empower you more, get you some real solutions, and make great things happen? Yea, you got it! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to ask yourself “How can I have a great day today?” every single day?
And why don’t we take this even further?
Why not ask yourself even MORE smart questions that will make you happier, more confident, more powerful, and more successful?
Here’s a list of some really SMART questions. Please, don’t just read them.
Pick 4 or 5 that really turn you on.
Write those questions down on paper.
Put that piece of paper on your nightstand, and read those questions first thing EVERY morning:
  1. What do I want to accomplish today?
  2. What is the most important thing I need to do today? (Do it first!)
  3. Is this the best use of my time right now?
  4. What am I trying to accomplish right now?
  5. What can I cross off my list by deleting or delegating? What is not important?
  6. What can I do right now to take the next leap instead of the next step?
  7. Who can I learn from today?
  8. Who can I thank today?
  9. What am I grateful for?
  10. How can I eliminate distractions right now?
  11. What are my top 3 current goals?
  12. What is most important to me in life?
  13. If the my world was going to end within one year, what would I be doing right now?
  14. What will I do today towards my major goals?
  15. What action can I take instead of worry right now?
  16. Who should I thank today?
  17. Who needs some love today?
  18. How can I be a kinder person today?
  19. How can I have more compassion today?
  20. What can I do right now to release negative energy in a positive way?
  21. What can I do to let go of my anger?
  22. How can I put worry on hold right now?
  23. How can I choose happiness right now?
  24. What can I do to slow down today?
  25. What am I learning right now?
  26. What beneficial routines can I start today?
  27. What will I do, see, explore, or experience today that is new?
  28. How and with whom can I partner today to make 1+1=3?
  29. How can I be more compassionate today?
  30. What will I celebrate today?
  31. Where did I find Joy today?
  32. What did I learn today?
  33. How will I “pay it forward” today?
  34. How will I make today great? How do I define great?
  35. What can I stop holding/clinging to help me break free?
  36. How can I let go with peace?
  37. Who can I help today?
  38. How can I add Peace to the world today?
  39. What’s the most powerful thing I can do right now, today to increase my business?
  40. What have I been avoiding that I can do today?
Try it. You got nothing to lose but some dumb answers.

Ask yourself smart questions, every day. 

Rina Valan
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