Skeleton Found Dead on Beach

Got your attention?
Now make sure your customers do!
Here’s the cardinal rule of  getting people to pay attention in our attention-deficit culture:

The First 7 Seconds or First 2 Sentences

*The First 7 Seconds:
Get their attention in the first 7 seconds, or they phase out of the rest, hang up, erase or click to the next best thing. Applies to speaking, party presentations, phone calls, voice messages, video, and anything visual.
*The First 2 Sentences:
If the opening is weak, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. Applies to anything written, emails, follow up notes, follow up to leads, headlines, subject lines, flyer, brochure, and updates/comments you make online. What works especially well: something that is revelent to them, eases a “pain”,  and makes them want more.
Tip: if you want your customers and or home party host or prospects to write or call you back, get their attention at the start, and then end with a positive call to action.