Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak

Know why people order sizzling fajitas in restaurants? Because they’re good for you? Taste good? Nah…it’s the smell that drives them crazy!

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak” isn’t just about fajitas. It’s really important when you present your products at a party.

Let me show you an example of the difference between the two by pitching my favorite product,  Luxuria Rash Free Shave Cream, a signature product from Fantasia Home Parties.

Selling the steak would sound like: 
  “This product has all natural ingredients, smells good, comes with a pump, will never leave a razor burn.”

Selling the sizzle sounds like:
  “Just smell how yummy this is! And then imagine jumping out of the shower after shaving yourself with it, your skin feels as smooth as butter, you’re feeling extra sensuous from the pheromones and you are just loving the way you smell! And wow…sooo soft, no bumps, no burn, no nothing!”

Features are important, but listing them before the sizzle just tunes people out!
Tell them why they want to use the product first, and then they will intently listen to the rest to validate their “yes.”

Tip: a good way to distinguish the sizzle from the steak is to ask yourself:
“Why would I want this product? How does it make me feel? How or when would I use this and why?”

Rina Valan