Rolling in Dough

Know what time of the year it is?
It’s ‘get all those parties booked so you can have a busy holiday season’ time of the year!
Middle September is when your past home party customers, hostesses and prospects start seriously thinking about getting together with their friends. And they are back in a buying mood.
Now, if you’ve been planting seeds all along, it’s time to step up the action with more frequent attention. Chat up your specials. Send out your catalogs. Invest time in follow up every day until you are booked through December. Tip: talk about ‘penciling in this or that date.’ 
Haven’t planted enough seeds?
Well, you got no time to lose! You must take actions now, not weeks from now and lose an entire season!

-Have you actually drawn up a prospect list? Now is a good time!
-Then work your prospect list every day! Email them, mail them, excite them!
-Did you set your own party date to kick off the season?
-And, have you read every bit of help material from your company and/or watched all training videos? Why reinvent the wheel?
You want to make the dough? Then it’s time to make the donuts.
Rina Valan

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