Ready or Not, What do you Think?

If you’re feeling: “Gosh, I’m so busy keeping up business stuff to get this year rolling”
That’s good.

If you’re feeling “It’s just past the new year,  no one wants to book now, it’s slow, it’s cold, I’m busy at home/kids/watching tv”
That’s not so good. In fact, you’re perpetuating your pattern from last year.
Is that what you want?

Here’s an example: if you owned a restaurant, would you close over the holidays? Of course not. In fact,  you would be most likely hire temporary help to plate and serve your holiday celebrations and big New Year’s eve bash. While others in other business don’t “work”‘ restaurant employees are going like gangbusters.

The same applies with your business. The “busy” time is necessarily when you have a couple of parties booked every week. The busiest time is when you don’t and you are digging out all your customer lists, marketing, prospecting, emailing, writing, calling,walking and talking. That’s BUSY because you realize that for you to have “work”,  you must create “work.”

Those who create their own sense of urgency and take actions are the ones who have the magic pixie dust.
Those who wait until they believe their customers/hostesses are “now ready” operate on old style business model. Problem? Customers/hostesses are not behavingin/operating on that old style model anymore—the Internet changed with connecting them to everybody and everything.. They’re “ready” when you are or your competitor is.