Proms, Weddings, Showers, Oh My!

I’ve heard some interesting conversations over the past week from home party consultants on how ‘busy’ they are  this time of year. The ‘busy’ is about all the weddings, showers, proms, birthday parties, and they had no time for anything else. Oh my!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have family and friends, and all those social obligations seem to fall within the same time frame.You think you have time for nothing else.

But, there’s a big problem here.

If you only have a few home parties booked, or none at all, you’re going to be faced with even a bigger challenge next couple of months: you’ll be stuck trying to ‘start up’ your business again. And that’s a place you do not want to be!

Self talk is incredibly powerful.
Be cognizant of what you are saying to yourself! 
Because, whatever you think or say to yourself, your brain listens, and makes it happen!

So if you tell You that “I’m too busy to have a party this month,” —then you will be too busy.

And if you tell You that “I need to surgically schedule parties in between my social obligations this month,”—then you will/.

Better self talk: ” I know I can do it.”

Take the challenge: Surgically book 3 or 4 May parties.
Idea: make up ‘in between themes’ like Tantalizing Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday.

And because at worst, you’ll wind up with bookings for sometime in the next 2 months.