Post Party Fishing

The Scene:
Phone conversation with an experienced home party sales representative.

The Pain:
When asked how her sales were this month: “I did a fantastic $1500 party last week. There were over 15 people there, but no one booked! I feel discouraged, and can’t seem to find new people to book one of my shows.”

Thump to Side of Her Head:
Wait a minute! She had found LOTS of new people!  
What she didn’t find were fish that jumped into her boat!

And fishing isn’t just about throwing a line into the water!
You have to:
—find the right spot
—bait the hook or something interesting for them to nibble on
—cast the line, and not just once, but a lot
—and most importantly: you have to PULL the fish out of the water!

She was suffering from a spear fishing mentality! That’s a very hit-or-miss and tough way to stay in business. The odds of getting them on the first shot can be dim.  Our home party business is all about building relationships and having 15 people actually see and be with you for a couple hours is an incredible opportunity.  It starts when you walk in the door and continues when you walk out the door IF you choose to. That’s right! If YOU choose to!

1. A simple email letting them know you appreciated them coming. Tell them to look for another email from  you when their orders are about to be delivered.
2. Then, another email when their order/product is about to be delivered. The mention of a tip or product suggestion is a way to engage them in feedback/conversation. Best? Email them on Facebook!
3. You respond, they respond.
4. Repeat.

—they can continue to be a regular buying customer
you eventually friend them on Facebook, and never ‘lose’ them again

—eventually, you might get them to book
—they can turn into a Fan who tells their friends and gets you referrals
—they may even turn out to be you next new recruit 

Chuck the spear.
Pay attention to your fishies.
You know what to do.

Rina Valan