Pop That Downward Spiral in the Head!

ONE thing popped me out of a downward spiral this morning.
It was simply this instant message from a Fantasia home party consultant:
   “I was just about to give up and one of my friends booked a party and I’ve gotten a bunch of parties and they have all been pretty good sales. I just wanted to share how thrilled I am that this is taking off.”
This is truly a lesson of hope, for any business, and in any thing we do in life
Because ONE action, 
Because ONE friend, 
Because ONE phone call, 
Because ONE customer, 
Because ONE of anything can change any negative situation or trend into positive.
ONE of anything can be the radical action to reverse a downward spiral! 
Think about it…plagues and diseases have been eradicated with ONE vaccine or pill.
Thomas Edison changed just about everything with ONE light bulb.
Everyday lives change when they hear ONE phrase: “I love you.”
Go find your ONE today.  
Rina Valan