Pinch Me, Love is in the Air…

Or maybe it just pheromones…..

The universe can be such a strange place sometimes. Weeks will go by, and you wonder if you will ever find love again, and then all of a sudden, it’s raining men (or at least, the potential of men). And once or twice or so in a lifetime, you may bump into real passionate love, the kind that makes you feel like an Italian movie star, where you want to make every word a poem, and he makes your juices flow, literally. I think this just happened to me….

Now this brings me to pheromones, or what some refer to as ‘chemistry’. I really do believe great chemistry does involve smell in addition to the visual, mental, physical and emotional connection between people. And though you can’t really ‘smell’ pheromones, our nose does pick them up, and when we like what our brain is smelling, our body and mind does follow.You know, way back in the old days, people didn’t wash off most of their pheromones like we do today. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of a freshly showered man, with a faint hint of aftershave….but I do have a strange attraction to his slightly moist body after he’s shot a few baskets or just mowed the lawn. I wonder if it is so much his scent, as much as there is probably a little more circulation going on in there and pumping out those delectable pheromones into my direction.

In the meantime, just a little added insurance for over cleansing, and to drive him absolutely insane with inexplicable desire, I dab a little extra pheromone enhanced perfume on my wrists and neck. (It’s called Lust Me, in my private Madame X line, check out if you want to check it out). Next time he kisses me, I want his lips to keep coming back for more, and make him even more madly in lust with me!

It’s eeeeevil, I know ; )

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Rina Valan, Basic Author