Need a Great Giveaway? Here it is!

I’ve seen a lot of home party sales people go nuts trying to think of a good giveaway…

Maybe it’s a cute novelty or toy, magnets, stickers, office or kitchen gadgets.
And of course with cost always a consideration, you look for a great giveaway AND something that doesn’t cost you a lot to give it away.

There really is a perfect giveaway, and it doesn’t matter what business or company you’re with. It’s your catalog!

That’s right, your catalog with your name and contact information on it is the BEST giveaway ever, hands down! Especially when budget is a consideration, you catalogs is first on the list, never skimp or ‘save’ by not giving them away freely and as often as possible.
Key: make sure every guest at your parties gets one, plus, always have one on hand at any moment!

The orange peeler? I got a dozen in my junk kitchen drawer.

Rina Valan