Name That Spot

Dear Dr. Melanie,

I am a Fantasia Consultant and was recently asked by my mother where the “y-spot” is. She was in a conversation where they were discussing the different “spots” there are (g-spot,a-spot,etc.) I only knew about the g-spot! Is there such a thing as the y-spot? And how many “spots” are there? Thanks so much! Thanks, Fantasia Consultant


Dear Fantasia Rep ,

People drum up new slang names for body parts with impressive regularity, and “Y spot” is one of them. Consider the lines created by a woman’s closed legs and the creases at the hip on both sides of her mons pubis (the hairy fat pad over the pubic bone). These lines form a V, leading to a slang term for cunnilingus (oral sex on a female), which is, “eating out at the Y.” Then again, you can consider the Y spot to be akin to, “Why, oh why, is my partner touching me there?!?”

The G spot is legitimate. Discovered by Dr. Ernst Grafenburg in the 1940s, it was named and introduced to popular culture in the 1980s. It refers to an area of glandular tissue surrounding the urethra that engorges with fluid when a woman is sexually aroused. Some women reach orgasm when the G spot is massaged through the vagina.

The “P spot” refers to the male prostate gland, which can be stimulated with a finger or toy through the rectum. Some men find this type of stimulation extremely enjoyable; others are grossed out by the idea of anal or rectal stimulation. If you experiment with prostate stimulation, get permission, use lots of lubrication, go slowly, communicate every step of the way, and if you use toys, only use those with a wide base that will keep the toy from “getting lost” inside the rectum.

The human body has an infinite capability to be aroused in many ways, so it’s not inconceivable that people would want to share their discoveries and name them. But just because someone likes nipple stimulation doesn’t mean we need to start talking about the “N spot.” Forgo the names and enjoy the games, I say!