My Dirty LIttle Secret

I have a deep dark secret which will probably shock you.

I hate sales. Being a sales person would be the last thing I ever wanted to do because of the ‘pushy stigma’ associated with most salespeople. And, I can count on one hand the number of home parties I’ve attended as a guest other than those of the company I own.

But guess what? Being in direct sales and in the home party business, I’ve been doing just that for the past 31 years and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!


Because I really LOVE the products and service my company provides for women.
And because I really love what I sell and do for women, I don’t feel like I’m selling at all. I am helping!

So, the real secret of my success and thousands of others in the home party business who are successful, is to absolutely LOVE the service and products you provide. When you LOVE your products or service, you stop selling and attract business instead!

So, if you truly love the service and products you provide, use that approach FIRST and stop selling.  Talk product, talk about what you like about the service/business, talk service, talk convenience, talk fun! Love it!

Let your honesty be what does the selling for you!

Rina Valan

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  1. You are right … I hate sales too and been doing it for more that 20 years different Co. just cause I love of the products I been selling!!!

  2. You are quite right…Tax preparer