More Warp Speed Now, Scotty!

Ever get a morning where you feel just as listless as the dreary weather outside? There’s nothing like a cold, gray day to ‘justify’ piddling around and getting nothing really started or action in your business. Yesterday was such a day, and I have to tell you,  I was tempted!

Do you know what ‘saved’ me?
 It was nothing exotic really.

And no, it wasn’t the quick pick-me-up from Zig Ziglar on YouTube, or my fourth cup of coffee, or a nice deposit in the checking account.
No, no. It is quite lame actually.

What saved my day?
A blank page on ‘Text Edit. Some of you know it as ‘WordPad’, or if you’re a Mac user, ‘Notepad’. It’s so simple, it doesn’t even spell check—you just type in it. If you are not on a computer daily, then a blank page on a note pad with a pen works just fine.

And every night, before I leave my office, I type in it and list any action I need to take the next day. And every morning, before I dive into the business day, I take a look at that action list.
Important: make sure what you write is an action, not a goal. For instance, my list last night’s list included: write Fri blog, set agenda for CAHPA meeting,  look at new toy samples. They were not goals like: hire new recruits, book more home parties, increase sales, etc.

Try it for a week. Build it into your daily routine.  Do it, and I’ll bet you will have done more in the one week than you have for the past 6 months.

Action, any action you take, is motivating! Start writing…


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  1. It’s very true. When you have something with your to-do list in front of you, even if it’s not related to your business you find that things get done. When things get done in one area of your life you get motivated in other areas. It’s a great sense of accomplishment to wipe your list clean. I have a daily to-do list and I like to push to get all of it done so I can see a blank slate or check marks marking what I’ve completed.

    The other thing about lists is that when you think in your head about all the things you need to do it seems overwhelming and hard to manage. By writing them down, no matter how small and completing the things one at a time you also realized how little time most of the things on that list actually take. Go Rina!!!