"More to Love" When in You’re in Love, Literally!

It seems hard to believe that about a year ago I was failing miserably in the dating scene, trepidly traversing internet match sites and was near to the point of becoming a serial dater. The good news about that misery was that I didn’t eat much and I worked out like crazy to relieve stress. For once in my life I felt fit, svelt and in 14 size jeans (Hey! That’s small for me!)

And then, bam! My luck had changed and I fell in love with a special guy who also has become a best friend. He treats me to dinner out many times a week, and this summer we tried to boost the economy by visiting all the local soft-serve ice cream spots in our area. Many a nights after some great snuggling and kissing and drifting off to sleep in each others’ arms, we prolonged the pleasure with leftover pizza and little fried chicken wings. I even got back into my old routine of baking, cooking, and entertaining on a regular basis.

Being a sensualist can be such a double edged sword, especially when you’re in love! And when you’re in love, showing love is more fun with food! I woke up this morning and ‘found’ 10 extra pounds…they somehow got added to my middle and my boobs-I am sooooo mad! (And believe me, of all places, I don’t need any more boob to my boobs!)

Geez. I don’t want to really give up the pleasure we get from sharing our meals and dining out together…somehow, popping open a Jenny Craig cardboard special just doesn’t seem like a fun thing to do together on a Friday night. Plus, I don’t know where I can get a dietetic peach martini. 

I know, I should: get back to the gym, stop cooking so much, stop dining out, stop buying delectable imported cheeses to nibble on in bed, stop sipping dessert wines on the couch as we snuggle, bla blah blah. Ok, ok! But please!
Just don’t tell me that I should have more sex; )


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  1. OMG I totally clicked with you on EVERY word you just said!!! I have put on 10 lbs since November!!! When you are in love AND he’s your best friend…you like to entertain each other with amazing foods. I always tell people that my husband and I found out on our honeymoon what it is that we do best…and it’s EAT! We had an IHOP right outside of our resort! That didn’t help at all now did it! And of course, my boobs do NOT need to get any bigger, but they just keep growing and growing with every size bigger that I get. Anyway, I love ya regardless and I’m sure your man does too!!