Make Em Talk!

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being saidPeter Drucker

So, want a magic phrase to draw out what is not being said?
   It starts with:  “Tell me about…. ”

For instance:
“Tell me about what you’re thinking.”
“Tell me about the friends you’re inviting to the party”
“Tell me about what you think about our program.”
“Tell me about what you’re looking for.”
“Tell me about what is holding you back.”

It’s the perfect way to get to the unspoken issue or objection.
You draw it out in a non-threatening manner.
And once they start talking about it, you can identify it, and then overcome it.

It works.

Rina Valan 

P.S. Overcoming objections is absolutely essential if you want to be successful in your home party business, spoken or unspoken. It’s key to getting more bookings that you can possibly handle! And, it will turn you into a Master Recruiter!