Make Believe Isn’t Just for Halloween!

Last night, my beau and I were discussing what costume we could pull together for a Halloween party next Saturday night. We started to brainstorm, and then I remembered I had a real stethoscope and went to grab it.  He laid it on the one side of his shoulder, and then he put them in his ears, then placed it on my breast.
Hmm, I thought “Doctor and his oversexed nurse.”
Would you believe I was starting to get a bit excited, and so was he? Wait! He could be a plastic surgeon instead:
“Dr Augment” and I could be his rather augmented-breastful patient!

So, I ran upstairs and pulled out my killer black bra that pushed out the orbs even further. And then I found a low scooped baby doll dress (still had the tag on it, as I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I bought it!) I put it on over the killer bra, and dug into my piles of shoes for the killer black spike heels (yea, you guessed it…I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought those too!)
The finishing touch was a careful application of very, very red lipstick, very red. Did I say RED?

Well…I thought his eyes were going to pop from his head. And yep, that reaction was all I needed to play the part. You know, a partner who plays back makes it sooo easy, and I love to play! Hot damn! I forgot how playing make believe is so much fun, I don’t think I going to wait until next Halloween to do it again ; )

I think I recall a rather short black leather skirt with the tag still on it stashed away in my closet…