Make a Real Connection: Plug In

True Story:

I was the proud recepient of a business award from the PA Association of Women Business Owners a number of years ago. What made me even more proud? The Governor’s wife was the guest presenter. Before the ceremony, the award committee introduced me to her, and before you know it, no one else could get a word in! We chatted for at least 10 minutes…and it was about planting our tomato garden. Yes, about tomatoes, and not a word about business! To this day, we chat or email couple times a year.

The point? Had we not found something common between us, I seriously doubt she would have remembered my name, never mind staying in contact.

Making a connection is the first building block of a relationship. And again, we’re not just talking about the act of conversing, a phone call or an email. No–we’re talking about a little light that goes off in the other person’s head that says “I like her, she’s just like me, she feels like a friend already…wow, we have something in common.”

And isn’t that exactly what we want our customers and prospects to feel? Like they already know us, and are comfortable with us, and most importantly, they LISTEN and start to TRUST you?

As human beings, we have inordinate number of things and issues in common: children, schooling, hobbies, work, money/finances, family issues, woman issues, health issues, love, food, parents, the list goes on. Yes, I believe our commonalities outweigh our differences tremendously.

Idea: hold off on the hard pitch.
Instead, first focus on a connection, and really connect.
Think about it…it makes all the sense in the world!