Lube Q & A, Take the Test!

True or False: Lubricants are for young people only
Answer: False!
And wow, a BIG False at that! All women are known to experience dryness at some point, especially as we mature. Our womenly hormones affect the body, both leading to and into menopause. Lubricants can replace the vaginal wetness—it’s normal for most of us to feel dry in later years—don’t obsess! Keep the lube on the nightstand.

True or False: Lubricants prevent STD’s
Answer: False.
However, while it may not prevent STD’s, use of a lube will decrease the risk of creating tiny cuts or abrasions (which can let in STD’s). Also, a lube can help avoid condom breakage. So use those condoms with lubricant!

True or False: Lubricants prevent pregnancy
Answer: False.
Some lubricants have been known to decrease sperm mobility, but it’s really not enough to stop the swimmers. If you are trying to conceive, don’t worry about using a lube. And besides, it’s more fun, and if you’re having more fun, you’ll probably relax more and let the little guys do their thing.

True or False: Lubricants are just for women
Answer: False!
Lubricants are fun for guys, too! It helps with dryness and resistance during intercourse, and many forms and variations during sex, and especially manual play! All penises love lube!

True or False: Lubricants cause yeast infections
Answer: False!
It actually prevents yeast infections along with drinking water before and after sex and avoiding using diaphragms. If you are particularly susceptible, use a non-flavored water based lube. We sell ID Original Lube—personally, I think it’s one of the best out there and has no scent, color or flavor.

TRUE: The best sex toy you can have fun with during sex is…..LUBE!!!!!