Love, or is it Lust is in The Air?

Or maybe it just pheromones…..

The universe can be such a strange place sometimes. Weeks will go by, and you wonder if you will ever find love again, and then all of a sudden, it’s raining men (or at least, the potential of men). And once or twice or so in a lifetime, you may bump into real passionate love, the kind that makes you feel like an Italian movie star, where you want to make every word a poem, and he makes your juices flow, literally. I think this just happened to me….

Which brings me to pheromones, or what some refer to as ‘chemistry’. I really do believe great chemistry does involve smell in addition to the visual, mental, physical and emotional connection between people. And though you can’t really ‘smell’ pheromones, our nose does pick them up, and when we like what our brain is smelling, our body and mind does follow.

You know, way back in the old days, people didn’t wash off most of their pheromones like we do today. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of a freshly showered man, with a faint hint of aftershave….but I do have a strange attraction to his slightly moist body after he’s shot a few baskets or just mowed the lawn. God forbid he happens to have a tool belt slung low over his hips at the same time—aye Curumba! I wonder if it is so much his scent, as much as there is probably a little more circulation going on in there and pumping out those delectable pheromones into my direction.

Not long ago, science isolated a human sex pheromone; this is pretty exciting news, as once isolated and recreated, perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac truly exists. Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral (sexual) response from creatures of the same species (hmm…might explain the canine behavior of an ex-lover!!!)

Basically, humans detect the odorless sex pheromone with their Vomeronasal Organ (or VNO, also called the sixth sense as per Fortune magazine’s Technology column). Located deep in the nasal passage, its only purpose is to detect odorless sex pheromones. Evolution, in it’s grand plan, created this organ to instantly transmit the presence of this hormone to the areas of the brain the regulate sexual drive. Just a thought—wonder if that would mean that some people who seem to be sexually excited ALL the time just have an overactive VNO? Or if not, an underactive one? You would think that since we’ve invented Viagra and Cialis, maybe someone could invent something to make the VNO grow??? Hey Pfizer and Schering Plough—this is a goodie for us menopausal women!

Imagine months, sometimes years went by before you have a real bath (Just a few centuries ago, hh Lord, could you possibly imagine???) Now take today—modern customs require daily showering, daily bathing, washing away all those lovely pheromones!

So, here’s that Catch-22:
With all that grooming and personal attention to hygiene in order to attract your sexual partner, you may actually dampen the ‘chemistry’ and raw attraction between you.

So, there’s good news…you could save a lot of money on all those nice smelly shower gels and body scrubs(HA! only kidding). But no, really, maybe the added application of human derived pheromones can help enhance or replace nature’s natural sex appeal. There are a host of products out there on the market that now are ‘enhanced’ with them…my company, Fantasia Home Parties (sex toy parties for women) have a whole variety of products. When you are looking to purchase a product with pheromone enhancement, the key here is that since humans react only to pheromones produced by other humans, it is important to make sure the products you buy contain human derived pheromones (as opposed to animal derived, less expensive, and may make you wonder why you’re always being chased by the neighborhood dog!)

But in the meantime, while you’re doing your research, maybe you shouldn’t wash as hard or as long…And since it’s Spring, try taking a walk together, or working up a slight sweat clearing out the traces of winter in the yard, and then just place your nose in the sacred little area right between their earlobe and chin…
and inhale.


P.S. Do you feel ‘chemically’ attracted to your partner?
Are there times more so than others? Share with me.

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Rina Valan, Basic Author


  1. MissSensuale, You are as skillful a writer as you are beautiful. Your blog as brought back feelings in me that I have not felt in a very long time. My partner has no libido and doesn’t care to build one or find hers again. Therefore I must lead a different life and your blog will help me do it. Good luck and please count on me if I can help in any way.
    With love,

  2. The science of it sounds great. However, has anyone used a Pheromone? Did it work? What did it do? How would it work if a guy wears it? Would it attract only gay men and women? LOL I had to ask. Do the party reps have stories?

  3. I bought a perfume with pheromone in it. I” m a hair dresser, and my salon is coed. When I wear it to work, I swear I get bigger tips.