Lorie’s Messenger Bag

Want a great idea to make money when you’re NOT doing a party?
Here’s one that was posted recently on Fantasia’s private Forum by Lorie Pannell:

“I have a messenger bag that I call my Naughty Bag. I carry small products such as bullets, tingle me, all the creams and lotion edibles, couples toys, etc. It goes with me everywhere I go. In most cases I can empty this bag in a few days. It usually adds up to more profit than some of my parties and it is easy! 

And guess what? Now when I go visit friends and family, all the ladies ask if I have my “Naughty bag” with me. It’s a very good way to make individual sales!”

What a great way to keep and grow customers! Do you have an idea like this, or want to read about more? Then go ahead and get yourself into this private group for Fantasia Reps only on Facebook, a place where all posts, comments, announcements, pictures and videos can only been seen by the group members (Fantasia Reps like you.) 

Check it out, try this link, or type in the search bar at the top of your Facebook page “Fantasia Home Parties Forum”, once there then ‘click to join this group.’

Note: to access the Forum after you’ve been accepted, go to the left side of your News Feed page and click on ‘groups.’

—Rina Valan